MSG of Hope

Life Lesson in a Pandemic - Episode #44

April 09, 2020 MSG of Hope Season 2 Episode 44
MSG of Hope
Life Lesson in a Pandemic - Episode #44
Show Notes

I am used to getting what I want when I want it.

I have lived life assuming everything I need or want will be available to me on a whim. That, every day I'm given life will be the same as the day before it.

However, we all NOW know how quickly and unexpectedly our complete world can change. 

For goodness sake the thing I thought the least about in my wants and needs prior to this time, was toilet paper!, but now it too, has become a precious and rarely found commodity!

Another is time with family and friends. This is something I kept meaning to do more of, but spent way to much time pursuing other things, thinking I would visit soon, after I got all the other things I wanted or needed to get done, then I would take time to visit. 

It's interesting to me that right now, as we can't get with others because of quarantine that we suddenly feel such a desire to.

Could it be that we only focus on the things we can't have like spoiled brats? 

Listen along as I explain some things weighing on my heart.

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